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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Abby Lokelani has a distinctive sound that highlights folk's intimate storytelling, pop's infectious hooks, and jazz's improvisational flair. Born on Maui, Abby has called many places home including California, New Hampshire, and Boston where she studied at Berklee College of Music.  Her debut EP “The Inevitable” was released in 2021 followed by two singles “From the Grave” and “Heaven and Hell” in 2023.


"I write music to make people feel something. If my music leaves you in tears, or just makes you want to scream for joy - I think I've done my job as an artist. I want my music to give a voice to all the feelings that get bottled up and ignored inside a person; nothing is more healing than being in touch with yourself. I write about forbidden feelings. My lyrics are an echo of what everyone wishes they could have said, but didn't. I often feel the most inspired to create music when I'm in a broken place. When I'm in that state, a lot of beautiful revelations shine through the cracks."

- Abby Lokelani

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